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Whether you're looking to elope in style, same day wedding, or a quick & simple no fuss wedding. Ringgold Wedding Chapel is your place to come!

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Complete RWC Love Experience

If you are interested in having the Complete RWC Love Experience with a wedding only, reception only, no guests or lots of guests (or any combination of the three) -
this is the choice for you!

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Ringgold is not just the wedding capital of the South. It is the wedding capital of the world! Couples from Europe, Asia, and the middle East regularly visit the Historical Ringgold Wedding Chapel. The chapel is known for being a one stop shop, and officiating over 800 hundred weddings a year for couples from all walks of life. Ringgold Wedding Chapel has a special charm and is an important part of Georgia's history. It is a landmark that many celebrities have stopped by to see and some have even tied the knot at the quaint little chapel. We specialize in "get hitched quick" ceremonies, Monday through Friday, and planned weddings and special events by appointment.

Weekly Wedding Special “Wedding Happy Hour” $35.99 12 pm- 1 pm Monday- Thursday. This special is available for a limited time only and must be scheduled by appointment only. Limited availability each day. This is a basic wedding ceremony. No frills, bells, or whistles.Weekly special includes soft music officiant, and decorated wedding chapel. You can take selfies and pictures with your own devices Happy Hour events include fifteen minutes of chapel time total.

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Special Occasions

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Are appointments required to get married?

Yes, you have to have an appointment to get married at Ringgold Wedding Chapel. However, they can be made same day or scheduled in advance.

Can we just come in and tour?

No, you will need to make an appointment for a tour to view the facility or a sit-down meeting with a wedding planner.

Are booking fee refundable?

Booking fees are non-refundable but are deducted from the total balance of your wedding costs. Please see our refund policy for more information.

Do you have bi-lingual offers?

If you need a Spanish interpreter or minister/pastor please advise RWC staff, there is a $50 fee to request one through us.

Who is considered a guest?

Guests are defined as anyone sitting/attending during your wedding ceremony. The wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen) are also considered guests. Children must be monitored by an adult at all times. The bride and groom, plus children under 10 are not counted as guests. However, if you are having a reception everyone is counted for seating arrangements. Parent will be held responsible for all damages or injuries created by children. RWC is not responsible for any injuries caused during unsuperised behavior.

Does RWC perform same-sex marraiges?

Unfortunately, we don not currently perform same-sex marriages.

Can we take our own photos?

Personal photography is allowed in the Chapel and Reception Hall.

What about food & drinks?

No food or drinks are allowed inside the RWC Chapel. This does include cake; nothing may be served in the Chapel. Please consider upgrading your package to include the reception area if you want to serve cake or food.

Can outside catering, ministers, etc be used?

Outside photography, officiants, ministers, catering and/or bakery are allowed - but RWC must be informed ahead of time. There are no additional charges to use these services.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is allowed but only in the designated area which is the grass area next to the wedding chapel.

Can we have rice thrown at us after we are married?

You can, just not here. No confetti, throwing of rice, birdseed, cake throwing or food may be thrown in the chapel! Please use only bubbles or bells and throw stuff somewhere else!

Can we bring our pets to attend? What about service animals?

Dogs must be pre-approved before being allowed in the building. Dogs are welcome, and no additional charges are billed. However, if there are damages to the Chapel due to your pet, fees could be up to $100. All dogs or cats must be non-violent, on a leash, or in a cage at all times while in the Chapel.

Special service animals are allowed and welcomed at RWC. For guidelines on any other type of animal please contact RWC staff.

What about setting up for our wedding?

There is no set-up/decorating time included in the package price for outside vendors or personal decor. If these services are needed, there could be an hourly charge of $100. Please contact RWC staff if you would like additional information. A $35 service fee (+ tax) will be added to all packages, except Express Weddings.

What if we go over time?

Extended time is billed as follows: Extra 30 minutes - $75 | Extra hour - $115

Can we get ready and do hair/make-up at the Chapel?

Hair and makeup MUST be done before arriving. One dress time is accounted for in the allotted time periods. We ask that your bridal party is dressed and that hair preparations and make-up are completed before they arrive.

We do have a bathroom area for the groom to dressed if needed as well as a private bridal suite for the bride to change.

For all express packages, the bride, groom, bridal party and guests must come dressed.